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Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
I'm kind of surprised that people are annoyed at the cat being, well, a cat.
She's not just a random cat, though, she's one of the three main characters to the series, and the only main female character. But so far all she's done is engage in cute cat antics and run around naked a lot for fanservice. She hasn't got any character depth to speak of, based on the first four eps... and that is disappointing. Of course, K's strength is obviously not in its characterisation, because it hasn't managed to do much for the rest of the cast yet either. But Neko seems to be doing especially badly. The worry on finding out that she was going to be a catgirl was that the writers would be relying on stereotypes like this. There's still time for them to develop her further as a character, but so far they've shown no inclination to do so.
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