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Originally Posted by Helius View Post
Well he did sorta get digitised as he got "pulled into" the artifact. Just wild guesing here, but it could be a derivative of the Composer. Maybe it was for turning humans into monitors and other ancillas, whereas the Composer was an unfinished tech aimed at turning humans and Forerunners alike into digital forms in order to survive the Flood.
I don't think so. We've seen the real digitization process in-game with the Composer, and this was nothing like that. If my theory's right and it's a container to preserve things, then the digitization fate of the Composer can't be used, otherwise how would the Librarian have reseeded life after the Halo Array fired? If that's the case, then it can't possibly be a digitization process else the original plan of the Didact's using the Composer would've been fine in the first place.
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