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Originally Posted by Renegade334 View Post
I'm not sure what Halsey and Lasky's actual heights are, but this ep made me notice how tall the Spartan-IVs were compared to normal humans. Until now I had figured that, because they underwent body augmentation at an age where they had already reached physical maturity, they couldn't get any bigger (not to mention that the Mjolnir gear tends to give the wearer more noticeable bulk), but it seems I was wrong. Oh well, I was probably not paying attention to this until now.
I wouldn't totally trust official heights cause sometimes they're wonky. I'd go with the rendered cutscenes, as they seem to be about the best.

And keep in mind. This is what Palmer looked like next to Chief.

I'd guesstimate that most of the SIV's are in the six and a half foot range, with Chief in armor being 7'2. (that's 200cm and 218cm respectively for metric system users)

...somehow the disinclination of any of the SIV's to try to stop Chief when he went awol seems quite sensible

Man. I do find it amusing how TOTALLY unimpressed Halsey is with the Spartan IV's. They really should have picked someone other than the rejects from Majsetic to babysit Halsey!
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Spoiler for Chief:
Spoiler for spoilers:

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