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Originally Posted by Renegade334 View Post
@Roger Rambo:
Even the rendered scenes can be somewhat contradicting. I mean, when the Chief linked up with Lasky and Palmer's party after the Infinity's crash-landing, Palmer told him "I thought you'd be taller". In that scene, the height difference isn't as noticeable as in the Legendary Ending's final cutscene.

Of course, Palmer's comment could be interpreted as a (wry) joke.
It's a reference back in Halo CE, when the marines would respond to you showing up and saying "I'd thought you'd be taller!"

Hence why I put rendered cutscenes. In most of the rendered cutscenes (excluding the one with Lasky and Palmer together), The Spartans have been portrayed as TOWERING over regular humans.
Originally Posted by Helius View Post
About Jorge, I've read somewhere that he spent the majority of his years deployed on Reach, sort of like a home-based Spartan. So he probably didn't get to spend much time in cryo if he wasn't frequently being redeployed elsewhere like the Chief, hence the normal aging. It also explains why he spoke fluent Hungarian, due to the prominent Hungarian settlements on Reach.
That, and Reach was Jorges homeplanet.
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