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Originally Posted by creb View Post
That's rng for you. My warrior had some 40+ dyes by the time she reached 80. For comparison, my thief made it to level 80 with less than 10 (plus the starter dyes of course).

I'm currently leveling an Elementalist, and she's level 60 atm, and I kid you not, she's had 2 dye drops so far. My other alt I'm spreading my play time with is only level 25 and has over 20.

Rng rocks. I just wish dyes were account, rather than character, bound.
That's true, I wish unlocked dyes would be for the account. I've been having so much fun on my thief that I regret giving all the dyes over to my 80 mesmer. Well not like I had any rare ones or anything.

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