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Originally Posted by Bonta Kun View Post
Just been reading about the snowflake exploit and I'm wondering what gamers thoughts are on this from here.

See, I read comments like "It's in the game so it's the dev's fault" tbh just make me faceplam.
Yes ok I know better than to expect gamers to being upstanding folk but they gotta know better than that.
When something like this happens you gotta realize it's not part of the game and something is wrong, so reporting it is something you do.
Not exploit it and get banned and then cry about it.
And yes I am one person that doesn't exploit these things, never have and never will, only way I would is if it was by accident in which I would report it.
I prefer my hard graft to such things.
I also know it's just a matter of "people never learn".
Personally I'm glad that Anet are strict with this stuff.

BTW the Hidden Garden Jumping quest is great stuff, seriously love the JP in this game, some can be amazing others rather annoying(coddler's cove) but thats expetced.
What is everyone's favorite and worse JP?
I've done all but a few now and the worse one by far is Griffonrook if you're trying to make the bomb run. Those damn griffons are buggy as hell and sometimes they'll hit you instantly as soon as you're within range while other times they'll do the animation letting you dodge.

Favorite one is kind of a hard one to say, maybe Skipping Stones? Either that or maybe the Pirate one in Lion's Arch. There's so many good ones. I didn't think Coddler's Cove was that bad I did it first try, but then again I was warned that if your graphics settings aren't at at least medium some of the orbs aren't visible. Tried it out too and saw at least a quarter of them vanish when I swapped back to low settings.

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