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Originally Posted by tomexe View Post
You do realise that, first, tank hatches are armor steel and fairly heavy by themselves.
Second, to push tank hatch open when it is under water, you have to push against the weight of all the water that is on top of the hatch.
Third, when you get the hatch open, you then have to get out against the flow of the incoming water.

Even ones that have floor escape hatches. A lot of floor escape hatches are gravity operated, they fall out if you pull the latch. With water trapped under the tank, they wont allways fall out. Even if you do get it open, you still have to get out against the force of the water, then crawl the length of the tank to get clear and then swim to the surface on one breath of air.

It is nearly impossible for a tank crew to get out of a tank that is completely submerged. Always has been. Even if you are lucky to land right side up like the MMK tank that Miho rescued the crew from. The flashback in the manga seems to show that the tank Eri's sisters crew stopped to help was on its side.
Been there, done that, and if someone of my statute can do it by herself, I don't see how a crew of five cannot do it unless they were unfit for the job in the first place. Admittedly I am harsh, but I do put high standards on everything I do.
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