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Tamako Market 11 - The Not-A-Princess Diaries

Tama's reacting to her news of possible royalty the exact way I would've thought her to. By not reacting to it at all. I've read somewhere that the people who are happiest after winning the lottery are those who make the minimal amount of changes to their lives. The same applies here. Tama's decision to treat her medal as more important is perfectly understandable, and shows the signs of someone who's really happy. I'd say Anko understood her the best in this situation, just showing some sisterly affection. Kanna's antics with the bridge were hilarious, though, and I liked that we got to see a little more of the culture of Choi's island of... somewhere, and what Dela looked like before he turned up in the first episode. His weight's been fluctuating pretty wildly over the course of the year. I don't think Tama's going to take up marriage to Mecha, and even if she did, she'd likely make him stay in the market rather than going to the island. Her happiness vector is unbeatable. Look at what it already did to Choi.
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