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Originally Posted by monster View Post
If you're using Windows, you can format the drive and then run the following command in the command prompt:
cipher /w:E:\
That command will remove data from available unused disk space on drive E (which is the whole drive after a format), but it will take some time depending on the size of your drive so you might want to do it whenever you can leave the computer on for a long time.

Just make sure to format the drive first and to change E to the current drive letter of your drive.

Or just search for other tools for Windows and/or other operating systems. I'm not sure if that will work, but either way, it seems a hassle to me and you might miss a file or two, or even a metadata in one or more of those files.

Okay, so if the external HDD is something like drive 'F', just make sure to run the command [cipher /w:F:\], correct? I wouldn't wanna do that to my actual E drive, that is my storage drive with my fansubs and music lol
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