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I decided to finally give this a go yesterday, as I had downloaded not only the full game but downloaded the English patch for it. I'll have to thank the person who is in charge of the translation work, thanks to him I'm playing (Well....I use that word lightly as you're mainly reading through walls of text. Heh, like Planescape Torment. *trollface*) the visual novel I've always wanted to try out since back at 2007. But so's not what I am expecting. It's off to a very slow start and the pacing of the story is very sluggish. I'm past the part where Kohei finds out that Lori and Erika are vampires so hopefully things pick up some more. I'm also finding myself being put off by the main character, he's just too uptight and whiny. I risk being crucified by the more loyal fans of FA, but I actually like his personality in the Anime better. I just hope the story (and Kohei's attitude) gets better later in the game.

Hmmmm......maybe if there was a Decepticon incursion later in the game to make things more interesting. Or a Daedra invasion. I'm......starting to sound silly, aren't I?

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