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What is your best/worst/overrated/underrated fight? in MHA

Best fight: All Might vs All for One

Of course, the two most powerful beings in the world going head to head, too bad that was the one and only fight we got to see

Underrated: Uraraka vs Bakugo

I loved the crowd. They were jeering Bakugo the whole time, but then Eraser Head swoops in at the last minute to defend both of his students. The pace was good and the action was amazing. Bakugo didn't take it lightly, if he did take it lightly then that would be more sexist.

Overrated: Gentle Criminal vs Deku

This fight was meh at best. I wasn't invested in Gentle's backstory and it was drawn out too much. NOt much action and it was boring at best

Worst: Todoroki vs Bakugo

In terms of pure fighting, you want to see the best at their best. I know Todoroki has childhood trauma and I know his reasons are good, but since he used his full strength on Deku, he might as well used it on someone stronger. Bakugo was pissed, and as fans I was too that I was robbed of an all-out fight between the two strongest students
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