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Eva and Battler were dispatched to check out the problem, after the epitaph problem was solved, for X reason, they worried that it was unstable, and only they were dispatched.

While they were investigating the potency of the bombs, either coincidence, or accidents caused by Eva/Battler triggered the bomb, Eva was too guilty to talk about her luck of surviving, and felt guilty over everyone's deaths. If there is a corpse, Kinzo's corpse, it shouldn't violate Van Dines corpse rule.

Judging Battler, he probably took it upon himself and acted solo.

Doesn't explain Maria though...but maybe Rosa went a little too far.

Eva, feeling guilty, ''compensated'' the families, which is why all related persons had a wealthy sum of cash given to them.

(Note I'm making this up as I go and not really enforcing it as a good theory. I will probably edit it like 20 times more before I'm done until someone contradicts me)
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