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You do realize that there was literally no possible way the ending could satisfy everyone, right? Now admittedly I might be biased in that I was very much a Keima/Chihiro-shipper ever since the Goddess-arc and so I am one of those who liked that part of the ending (though the wrap-up to the actual plot was way too abrupt), but really, whichever pairing Wakaki had chosen to make canon, or if he'd gone with a harem-ending, or if he'd gone with an ambiguous ending... whatever the case, someone was going to get royally pissed off.
Originally Posted by Flower View Post
No arguments about there was no way there could be an ending that would satisfy eveyone.

On the whole I thought it was a pretty good ending, but I would have liked it to be more painstakingly detailed and handcrafted like the rest of the manga.

Still, we got what we got, and it was not terrible, per se. Just too abrupt for my tastes. ^^
agreed I liked the fact that he picked Chihiro and it was hinted at the end of the Goddess arc so I do not get why people were butt hurt about Keima's choice for the winner. how ever it was rushed and maybe if there were a little bit more chapters to go by then maybe it would have flowed better but even then everyone has there "best girl" for this series so some readers not being satisfied was pretty much a given.
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