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Originally Posted by omimon View Post
It's obvious what this sequel is gonna be about. It's gonna be chapters revolving around each of the target girls in their lives. Remember that each girl is named after a train station hence "on the train". Hopefully when we get to the Chihiro chapter it'll just be her and Keima doing sickenly lovely dovely couple stuff.
That's right...had forgotten about that!

Okay, the weird title makes a bit more sense now. ^^

Hmm...I wonder if they will focus on the girls in the same order as they appeared in TWGOK, and whether or no he will focus only on the goddess hosts or on everyone that was conquered? I would love to see more Sumire, for example, so I am kinda hoping for the latter.

Also, I wonder if we will see the spirit squad pop in and out at all, or even get focused on? And what about Nikaido and Rimuel? beginning to get interested now.
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