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Originally Posted by OhHaiThar View Post
I still debate on how he ended it. Like I swear to god it would've been an elsie ending. D8 I mean she was there the whole way, I was looking to elsiexkeima ship throughout the whole series somewhere. Too bad it didnt happen. Really hoped the train would give me some compensation but just kidding. welp.
This is why immediate focus on shipping (and honestly shipping in general) is bad. Give the characters time to develop their own pairings before forcing the protagonist together with the first character with compatible naughty bits. "First girl" doesn't always win. Especially when she's not even playing.

Anyone who was paying attention to the series and going in without preconceptions or bias could see that Chihiro had feelings for Keima beyond anything having to do with her capture, and that kind of pure love was of course the most likely to be reciprocated.

As for Elsie, the fact that she never acted as anything other than his little sister, even after the infamous bath scene, should have been a clue that nothing was ever going to happen between them. She sees him as a replacement for her absent sister (a pretty apt fit, given what we've seen of said sister).

The only other legitimate potential hookup with Keima was Tenri, and Keima himself shot that one down in the past. It's nice to hope that Tenri doesn't give up on it, though. The Capturing God isn't necessarily immune to capture himself, after all...
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