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Originally Posted by 2H-Dragon View Post
Why all the hate on softsubs? It's basically the same as hardsubs, but you have the option to remove them. If subs are stolen they can also be stolen from hardsubs its just that it takes a little more time(A whopping 30mins more?).
Because many people can't be bothered to install a viable playback solution (NO! NOT VLC FOR GOD'S SAKE!) and thus just end up blaming it on the format instead of themselves.

Originally Posted by JediNight View Post
If they want to steal the hardsubs then they have to spend the time sitting there writing the script down, still time the episode themselves, etc. Instead of clicking 1 button to strip the file from the MKV and slap it on theirs.
Not really, you can rip hardsubs very easily too, maybe not one click, but ripping and editing the subs for a 24 episode show doesn't really take that long (with OCR). Obviously not as easy as with softsubs, but if someone wants to do it there is absolutely nothing stopping them from doing so.
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