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Because many people can't be bothered to install a viable playback solution (NO! NOT VLC FOR GOD'S SAKE!) and thus just end up blaming it on the format instead of themselves.

Not really, you can rip hardsubs very easily too, maybe not one click, but ripping and editing the subs for a 24 episode show doesn't really take that long (with OCR). Obviously not as easy as with softsubs, but if someone wants to do it there is absolutely nothing stopping them from doing so.
I had hypothesized the existence of OCR software to pull hardsubs and maybe even timings from a video, but I had never looked for such a thing before. I knew it was possible if anyone created it.

But you're right about the softsubs -- VLC handles softsubs like crap. Using CCCP with Media player classic at least renders them properly and then you really can't tell a difference from normal hardsubs.

I'll consider the softsubs, I'm still trying to catch up after having been out of the loop skills-wise for over 2 years now.
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