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Originally Posted by Tofusensei View Post
The appeal of hardsubs for me, anyway, is that as the encoder, you know what the finished product will look like. Softsubs still have too many inconsistencies in playback across multiple platforms.

Other than that, softsubs are great and we do use them for a number of our group's releases.

BTW, Jedi, come onto irc, we'll catch up on old times

meh, you can't play it decently on macs and not at all on gaming consoles, but w/e...
as i've said before, the main reason softsubs are attractive is the flexibility.
no more reencoding for each damn small error found in an RC, etc
and obviously, multiple stream capacity.
i personally hate notes, that is, when groups abuse them (which nearly every group ever does). when i had to put in notes to explain some stuff, i would just create 2 sub streams: one with notes and one without notes.
anyhow, softsubs are more flexible and easier to use. even tho i don't really care about hardsubbing, i really can't imagine why fansubbers don't make more use of softsubbing.
penis, lol
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