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You can't just say "well if there are no rational reasons I'll be irrational!". Doing that just makes you Wrong -- and I don't mean wrong in any sort of poor-persecuted-peoples sort of way, I just mean fruity-loop-reality-ignorer wrong.
The thing is though, there *are* rational reasons for using hardsubs, it's just that some people have taken upon themselves to strike down any line of thought that doesn't approve of subtitles being in public domain, and hardsubs shoulder that line of thought more than anything else. Most people perceive this debate as a clash of ideologies, but what it really is is comparison of two fansubbing methods. I have my reasons for disliking softsubs and I have my reasons for disliking hardsubs. Both methods have their petty weaknesses and strengths over one another. The keyword is "petty", and whoever doesn't acknowledge that needs to chill.

That being said, I'd go with softsubs because I don't need to use my machine for reencoding raws. But I really don't care as long as I'm not the one encoding.
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