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Originally Posted by Sciel View Post
Oh yes so now everyone who wanted to play Vesperia has already played it? Give me a break , not everybody would buy a 360 just to play it.
Actually, it's not just people who don't own a 360, but also everyone in Europe (who doesn't own a US or chipped 360). To this day it's still not released here, although a summer release date is rumored.

With the announcement of a PS3 version I'm going to skip the 360 version altogether myself.
Originally Posted by Kid Ying View Post
Oh, my god. Enchanted Arms sucks baaaaaaad. I borrowed from a friend and didn't play more than half an hour... Seing the boxart makes me remember of this game...
The first few hours aren't great, but it does get a bit better later on. Some of the locations are actually quite nice. I do hate the character models though, they're too realistic without realistic emotions, so they're kinda flat.

What is great about Enchanted Arms is the Japanese VA for the lead female cast: Kana Ueda and Ryou Hirohashi. The Japanese VA for male characters sound like from yoai anime though...
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