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Originally Posted by Jays View Post
Sony doesn't have anything to do with that, it's mainly on the developer/publishers side of things that do that. The port of Oblivion for the PS3 doesn't have any special features and for most part you don't see many third party exclusives now a days.
Nope. It was part of an interview I read from Kotaku long ago.

Usually, they try to entice developers to make use of the advantages that is unique to their system. Whether that means adding content or simply using all that extra space in the blu-ray disc as they see fit is entirely up to the developers themselves.

Moreover, developers want to justify the full price of their late ports all over again, (hello Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2...) hence it's actually something that works for them.

Oblivion for the PS3 doesn't have exclusive content, but Bethesda polished it further and included the Knight of the Nine expansion in the disc. They also used all that extra blu-ray space to write the same sections of the game multiple times in order to improve disc reading speeds (which was also done to address the weaknesses of the medium itself).

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