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Originally Posted by kujoe View Post
Nope. It was part of an interview I read from Kotaku long ago.

Usually, they try to entice developers to make use of the advantages that is unique to their system. Whether that means adding content or simply using all that extra space in the blu-ray disc as they see fit is entirely up to the developers themselves.

Moreover, developers want to justify the full price of their late ports all over again, (hello Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2...) hence it's actually something that works for them.

Oblivion for the PS3 doesn't have exclusive content, but Bethesda polished it further and included the Knight of the Nine expansion in the disc. They also used all that extra blu-ray space to write the same sections of the game multiple times in order to improve disc reading speeds (which was also done to address the weaknesses of the medium itself).
I'd like to see this article, because I'm pretty that the reason Bioshock and Red Alert came out later for the PS3 was because of development issues. Your second and third paragraphs does make sense, seeing as that is only a developer/publisher thing. Why would Sony force developers to add extra stuff to late blooming multiplats that probably no one will buy?

Do you honestly think Sony out of all people who aren't interested in buying anything third party from anyone, would waste their time trying to secure dropplets of little exclusive content for games that no longer really mean anything? I have a hard time believing anyone, Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo were the ones responsible for extra content in a year old game coming out on their console.

Originally Posted by Kid Ying View Post
Well, sort of. The JAP version is the same as NA version, except that is in black and white, but the limited edition in Japan got a beautiful box art by Shinkawa and that's should be the box art for NA too. It was a huge blowoff to see that after every game in the series with box arts by Shinkawa, we've got Snake's face from the game...
Wasn't the JAP and PAL version of the boxart Shinkawa's art compared to that boring and lame 3D render that Konami NA decided to go with? I'm pretty sure it was that because I steaming pissed after I saw that. At least the box art for the Limted Edition was great, but I wish I still had the other ones for my game cover. This reminds me of Snake Eater and the PAL version of their box art... man NA gets some major shitty ones.
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