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Originally Posted by rakusukira View Post
seriously, i think those stuff are already enough.. what I meant is that ALIENS remove the REALISTIC vibe..

they can make it look as realistic as they can be.. but ALIENS are just..... too fictional..

perhaps 200 years from now those fictional particles, psychics, ghosts, mutants, and super robot magics, will really exist.. but ALIENS?? i don't think so...
Perhaps, but for me, the point of watching/reading a science fiction/fantasy story is about being able to imagine things that might not be realistic today (or even ever). Oh well, it's too bad that the presence of aliens in Gundam is too much for you to be able to suspend your disbelief.

But we'll see, no one has said this 2011 project will feature aliens, hopefully it'll be something that the majority of us will be able to accept (and maybe even enjoy).
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