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Originally Posted by Ashaman View Post
Yeah, I remember that.

Didn't we decide to just leave it at least until the anime confirmed it one way or the other?

When the anime called him Hamazura, it became a moot point and so I didn't bring it up again.
It wouldn't have mattered what the anime called him since Hamazura and Hamadura are, in fact, the same word and are pronounced the same (Ha-ma-zu-ra).
The issue was whether Hamadura was the official english spelling of the word.
Which it isn't.
Writing it as Hamadura is certainly correct but writing it as Hamazura is correct as well.
But neither are "official." There isn't an official way.
We write it as Hamazura because most of the anime-watchers and manga-readers of the western world are more familiar with the Hepburn system.
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