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Originally Posted by AkumaPrincess View Post
I actually felt bad for Mika, poor girl was mind fucked.

I don't understand why Sybil needs their hands on Akane or want to paint her black. She's the best detective that the MWPSB and she accepts the system as a necessity for the moment. Pushing her too far is going to make her rebel.

I'm really finding myself watching episodes just for Akane and Kamui.

Kamui is interesting to me because he's a creation of a demented system and is committing crimes because he was ignored by the system. Akane's profiling skills always makes a good watch.

I'm worried on how their going to tie up everything in 2 episodes.
Because this season will be damned if it risks moving the plot forward. So lets tone down the scale of this season and focus on individual quarrels.
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