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Originally Posted by ronelm2000 View Post
Dunno, has he actually killed someone without proper judgement? Not to side with him, but gotta give credit where its due: he hasn't never harmed anyone who was 100% innocent (at least, according to his POV)
The one who gives the order is always more culpable than the one who executes it, especially if the one who executes is being completely controlled or even unaware.

The case of the pharmacy is quite blatant and he also killed in cold blood several enforcers which hadn't done anything wrong except for being "latent criminals" (which means "innocent" in any real world legislation).

Now I could even understand, considering the situation, the logic that sacrifices are necessary, and that in the grand scheme of things he might actually save more people by dismantling the Sybil System. But his absolutely indifference for the many victims that constantly die in horrible ways because of him are appalling and undeniably place him in a clear "psychopath" zone.

As a side note if he was truly sorry for taking Shisui's eye and if it was really just something "necessary", why couldn't he give her his eye as compensation? What did he even do with that? And anyway he basically grafted all kind of stuff on who knows how many people, why not Shisui's eye?
He thinks she looks more badass with an eyepatch?

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