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Originally Posted by Khu View Post
If I can, I'll try to get the VN and play that before I give my opinion...but that's quite the essay.
Have you seen the whole series?

As for my "essay", I just feel that if you can't really express why you feel that way about something, it doesn't feel as strong.

You can also consider it my apology. I had avoided this show like the plague at the start because I thought it was just some harem h-game adaptation. My very first post at this site was questioning how anyone could enjoy shows like these. TBH, there's still parts of the show that annoy me, but it's the overall impression that matters.

So for TL;DR: I finally get it.

It's pretty funny, since the only KyoAni show I've ever followed live was Haruhi. So I'm usually late to the party. But it leads to interesting things as I read old discussions, including the really amusing one in the middle of this very thread.
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