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Cross Game
Bleh, romance takes too much a backseat in Cross Game. Sitting through 20 hours of anime for 15 minutes of romance isn't my idea of efficiency. I'm going entirely by the manga, btw, I only saw a few eps of the anime. I ws so bored waiting for the romance to go anywhere I started skimming halfway through the manga. I finally get to the end, and the payoff leaves you like this: "That's it?"

Not that I even cared by that point. Adachi stories are all exactly the same but for the endings, which are either merely okay or complete brain rapes. The only one I've ever kept on the hard drive is that step-father/daughter one. Which was interesting and only one volume long (thank god!). Its setup is like one of his typical stories, only 20 years after the bad ending, lol.
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