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Originally Posted by Decagon View Post
The riots came up over dinner with some older friends of mine. One (who is still a hippie) wondered why this kind of "active social movement" hasn't happened in the US...


where were you in 2009 and 2010?

there was a genuine movement called the tea party.

the tea party movement is a fine example of how to conduct civilized peaceful protest (and later gain legitimacy and victory) without resorting to questionable Alinsky-ite radical tactics


if you're thinking euro-style... hell no!... U.S. won't stoop that low!

ever wonder why you won't see euro-style shenanigans in the U.S.?

... and law abiding citizens & store owners have 'em! (except if you're in selected democrat ctrld city/county)

dipshit trouble making ass hats (as seen in london and paris) better think twice before fucking with anybodies shit!

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