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Originally Posted by Yoxall View Post
Could someone make me a gif avatar and signature for episode 9 @ 14:39 - 14:44 when they show Kirito with his dual-wielding. Thank you.


Ah, that was a fairly difficult scene. Nevertheless, I hope these are to your taste.

Originally Posted by sky black swordman View Post
Hello can I get a Sig or Avatar of 14:54 - 14:50.
Please and thank you.
Firstly, 6 seconds of non-stop action is too much. That worked out at 72 layers, and it had a filesize of over 300kB at 100 x 100 px.

Secondly, because there's so much action, it's very hard to keep track of what's going on in the avatar.

Regardless of these two things, I managed to get it under 100kB, but please do be more understanding the next time. A signature wouldn't have been possible unless one were to make it extremely small, or butcher the quality.

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