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Re: M4 Sherman -- That thing is a beast. It's not just the stats on it's turret armor that is impressive, it's that all the armor is VERY sloped. Even the front hull armor, as weak as it's supposed to be, is very sloped. You will almost never bounce a HEAT round off a Pz4's armor but maybe 1/5th - 1/6th of the time you'll bounce off the M4 if facing it frontally.

@LoweGear - Wow! That is IMPRESSIVE! I never liked the Matilda when I was moving up the Brit Heavy line. Impressive what you managed to do with it. At Tier 6 for both Heavy & Medium Brit lines and so far hate Churchill VII and absolutely LOVE Cromwell, even though I've had a series of losses (after winning all my first 5 games)

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