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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
Saw it last night.... I thought it was an entertainingly funny good adventure of a "B" film. And I mean that as a compliment. The Hellboy motif of comedy amidst the Cthulhu-ism is retained pretty nicely. Some of the sub-plots are kind of soap-opera-like but I think that's intentional ... in some way it was like watching an action sci-fi anime with romantic twists.

Some very nice stunt work - I understand the character Mr. Goss plays worked for seven months with swords and spears (and wire) to get that skill level of choreography.

Probably the worst thing I could say is that to someone steeped in this sort of stuff - the plot will be predictable and there's a fair amount of MiB smirking in the first part.
And O gods, I *love* the tooth fairies...

Spoiler for not really plot points but just my opinion on certain characters:
Agreed. Saw this Friday, and it was an amazing movie due to the super creative costumes and especially that plant monster. They had some amazing creation in this movie.

I overally enjoyed this one myself, I'd say one of the best summer movie so far. And i've watched over 8 of them already. That's a high number for me ^^

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