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Originally Posted by Father Hentai View Post
I doubt that a Game is the same like in real life.
One answer: Michael Wittmann.

Originally Posted by Father Hentai View Post
Btw. Tak: seems to be also very identical to the edelweiss. and it's only a prototype too
Now that I begin reading it, the Edelweiss shares a lot of specification similarities with the E-50 series.

Der E-50 sollte den Panther ersetzen: Das 50 t schwere Fahrzeug sollte von einem 800 PS Motor auf 60 km/h beschleunigt werden. Zusätzlich wurde hier ein neuer Drehturm für eine 8,8 cm KwK 42 entwickelt.

The Edelweiss also has a 800HS motor, running at 60KM/h, armed with the exact spec of the gun at 88mm KwK 42

It also has the curved turret design. Shoot, this might be the answer I have been looking for Actually, you know what, THIS IS IT! EDELWEISS IS THE E-50!

I have not seen a E-series picture, but now you've shown me, and I am enlightened.

- Tak

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