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Originally Posted by OpenDoors View Post
Question for people more familiar with WWII era tanks:

Is the situation so far portrayed in the anime where a newer tank demolishes tanks of a previous generation that bad possible in real life? I am just curious.
It did happen, and it's called Operation Desert Storm (aka Gulf War I). The Iraqi T-72s that went up against the US Army's M1A1 Abrams MBTs were massacared. M1A1s were sniping T-72s from afar, outside of range of the T-72. The few T-72s that managed to close the gap and fire were treated to the unpleasant sight of their shells bouncing off the M1A1's chobham armor.

Originally Posted by Father Hentai View Post
An assistant gunner has about 6.67 seconds time to reload the main gun of a leopard two. just in comparison. I never heard of an automatic loading system for tanks that is designed to do two shots in 0.5 seconds although I would not doubt that there are researchs on such reload system. If I compare the edelweiss with a big MG 3, yes, it would be possible. but the pushback would be immense
but in the the timescale of VC. no, not possible.
A well trained M1A1 crew can do 1 round every 4 seconds.

In terms of styling, it's hard to say where the Edelweiss is derived from, but in terms of features, there's no doubt in my mind: Edelweiss is a Merkava. It's got good gun, good armor, good speed, roomy enough to carry troops (although the placement of the ragnite engine prevents the position of a rear hatch like on the Merkava) and smoke dispensers and mortars.

The Merkava has a good gun, good armor, good speed, can carry a 4-man infantry team and holds smoke dispensers and a 60mm mortar.
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