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Originally Posted by Lolipopo View Post
Ok next step, yuri...
Ooh, sounds interesting

Originally Posted by yvj View Post
incorrupts is a prophet
LOL, granted I don't think it took too much foresight Heck, I'm borderline Kalulu perv (ah, lets face it. I am)

Originally Posted by Nogitsune View Post
*cheers for the thread and everyone in it* xD
Speaking of songs, "Elegy" by Leaves' Eyes reminded me of Kalulu for a second. This forum is getting to me.

Sadly, there's no CG amv with it I'm aware of. Which is strange, because it has lines like:
"Hoping for some understanding
An answer or at least
A calming word, a single sentence
To restore her heart."
"Will she ever know the answer?
Will she follow me?"

The "silent tears of a woman make a warrior cry" bit is also rather cute.
Hm... yep, someone should do that. xD
Hey, it doesn't have to be an AMV (at least I don't think so) I've been posting music that's not in a Kalulu AMV all day. Whatever you got, post it.

Originally Posted by Lolipopo View Post
OK guys it is WAY TOO QUIET.
I was gonna say. Is this all you guys have come up with while I've been gone? Not that what you've posted isn't epic (great AMVs) but I was expecting more posts. Come on guys, it's a celebration! Eh, don't worry, it's all right. We'll really start rockin' tomorrow!

(Now picture kallen instead of Haruhi :'D With C.C. as Yuki and Shirley as one and Kaguya as the other mwahahahahahaha)
Ooh, I like that (but aren't there only 3 girls there?)

Okay, time for another song. This may seem like an odd choice, but when you think about it it kind of fits so.......ah just listen to the darn thing!

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