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a small idea that came to me a while ago
since there is that stupid debate about who "won" the last fight in ep 25 and there are some who argue (wrongly IMO) that the plan CALLED for suzaku to throw the fight
i just notice that for some reason no one seems to make that assumpsion about the end fight in season 1

think about it
lelouch's PLAN was to trap suzaku (he had the whole gefun disterber setup)
and kallen was IN THE ROOM with him when he learned that the lancelot had arrived
maybe kallen was just BUYING TIME for lelouch to set up rather then try to beat suzaku
after all,lelouch promised rakshata to give her the lancelot, which wouldnt be possible if kallen destroyed it

i know perfectlly well that this is BULLSHIT, but thats my whole point
there is about AS MUCH to suggest THIS theory as there is to suggest the OTHER one
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