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yeah this chapter just completely threw me off track, i have no clue what's going on anymore

last chapter was okay, i figured out it was a flashback

so basically last chapter there's these girls at east genetics with their daily lives who get owned by the new super nova and the focus was that 'main girl' who was about to accept a confession of some guy before she left on the mission almost wiped out all of her team, iirc she was the strongest of eastern division, and she and her senpai were explaining how those crystal crap makes girls stronger and stuff

so anyways, right now i think they're getting reinforcements from western gen. i think? and that team is getting fucked up too, this time they're getting 'absorbed' and getting super beamed to death

this chapter should be current, b/c we see those captain dudes panicking in the control room when they called for back up
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