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Originally Posted by NorthernFallout View Post
I... didn't actually think about that. Nice catch.
I think than I should explain a little more; I did notice the absence of the horns and that catched my attention because it's something than usually I would try to show as much as possible. When using original or little know material, material than would not catch attention by the mere quality of what characters they are of, I try to take advantages of what could be attention grabbing, like the clothings ( or lack or shortness of ) the quality of the artwork, what accessory they have, etc... , in short, what make them different from the next picture from danbooru/safebooru. So the absence of the horns than catched my attention might be unnoticed my others

Thanks for the comment.
No problem, given the current situation on the sub-forum, I know how rare and usually wanted C&C is
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