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4 – Message from Fate (To everyone who reads Megami Magazine)

Fate: To everyone who reads Megami Magazine, we encountered/meet/got involved with this magazine last year’s fall. Ever since Nanoha first became a magic user/mage.

How about everyone else, when did you start? Those who say “I just started reading the magazine”, if you please I will be relying on next time we meet.

I’m sure there will be many more meetings in the future from now on. All of our seniors (sempai) and the juniors (kouhai) we shall inevitable meet/make; the various girls who pass through our lives and names that will leave their marks on us from meetings and contact/acquaintance. I pray that from these important meetings, many precious companions/partners who will remain dear in our hearts forever.

I suspect in the near future we will be planning to rely on (the pages of) this magazine. If you can, could you please watch over/support us. Well then from Fate Testarossa of MSLN A’s. Lyrical Magical, I will do my best!
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