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Originally Posted by arkhangelsk View Post
If we assume the Power of HEAT and HE round is both 1, then the HEAT round with an efficiency of 1 can defeat a tank with a resistance of 1x1=1. A HE round can only defeat a tank with a resistance of 1x0.1 = 0.1.
And why isn't it possible to flip the argument over and say, since a HE round of 10 is needed to destroy a tank, then the HE round had a power of 10 instead of 1. Why are you insisting that the HE round must be equal in power and therefore too puny to destroy a tank, when you are conceeding that it's a proper tank already?

Edit: Nevermind that. I just realized you're doing what I called you on some time ago, piling speculation on top of speculation and calling the result a conclusion. You assume the Mariage's HE round was of a certain power with no further indications as to whether your assumption was justified or not. Then you further assumed that this would be inadequate to destroy what you consider a tank. Finally, you make a "conclusion" that a defense against this attack was weak because the attack itself was weak. Actually, that's just further speculation.

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