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Originally Posted by Nagumo View Post
... I have a question, have you considered that Subaru might have cast a barrier type magic off scene as she plunged into the flames? I mean, recall that Erio had to reinforce his Barrier Jacket in SSX to better endure the intense heat of the flames as he fought the Mariage.

Now, what prevents Subaru from using further magic for better protection? Not only is she in a dangerous situation where the very walls and ceilings could collapse on her, but also fire and electrocution risks as well. Not only that, she knows that the Mariage are crawling all over the place....

I don't know guys but you know, there is a chance she decided to double up on protection. She even set up a small barrier to better protect Ixpellia from getting hit but shrapnel/damage.
It's an interesting theory, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The first one being that you have a wide list of spells there, but I doubt she cast a "Protection from powerful HE explosions" spell. Fire, maybe. And as you noted, it wasn't noted at all whether Subaru cast something, so we don't know.

Also, the auto-barrier and barrier jacket are passive defenses, always on. The other spells need to be cast to be active, and most mages only cast those when there is a direct need, and cancel it as soon as possible afterward. Subaru only shielded Ix to protect her while she fought the Mariage leader, and if such a thing was deliberately done, we probably would have seen any spells Subaru cast on herself.

We can make guesses all day long, but the truth is that it all comes down to what we know for sure. Unless told otherwise, we pretty much have to take things at face value. As long as there is no contradiction, then there really shouldn't be a problem.
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