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Originally Posted by ranchan13 View Post
With Tsunade practically in the throes of death, Konoha's going to need a new Hokage after this arc. As much as Kakashi has the experience for the part, Naruto is now the obvious choice, because the only Konoha ninja even remotely on his power level is Sasuke, once Obitroll/Trollbi is dead. The only way I see Naruto not becoming Hokage after this arc is if by some miracle, Tsunade survives, or he turns the job down.
This fight between Naruto and Madara will probably have a very large audience, the whole allied army is converging on their position, and thanks to Tsunade the other 4 kages will also go there. So for Naruto this can become a place where he becomes legendary, with the whole ninja world as witnesses, best hokage exam there can be.

What i find a cheap trick is to kill off Tsunade in this way just to make room for Naruto. She doesn't even need to die for Naruto to become hokage, the 3rd hokage didn't die either, he just found someone who's better for the position.

Naruto would probably be the dumbest kage ever I mean the guy was examining animal penises just a few days ago, and in a few days from now he might be the hokage

I would prefer that Naruto turn down the job, but there's like 0.000000001% chance that it happens. One of the main reasons why the author might want Naruto to become hokage is to have a strong analogy between the Naruto vs Sasuke final fight and the 1st hokage vs Madara fight. And of course where the 1st hokage failed Naruto would succeed.
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