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As much as Kakashi has the experience for the part, Naruto is now the obvious choice, because the only Konoha ninja even remotely on his power level is Sasuke, once Obitroll/Trollbi is dead. The only way I see Naruto not becoming Hokage after this arc is if by some miracle, Tsunade survives, or he turns the job down.
but naruto was the strongest ninja in the village back when they selected the 6th. he had sage mode and beat pain single handedly. still the village opted for kakashi and danzo over him. i dont really see his intelligence changed that much since then. i'm not saying he won't get to be hokage after this arc is over, i'm just saying that nothing's really changed since the last selection except naruto got even more powerful. although with kakashi and hopefully tsunade as advisers, he'd do fine (as long as he listened which isn't his strong suit ... but for naruto things have a way of diplomatically working out even if he bungles it)
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