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Not quite. The general population did hate Bush but not their governments. For one thing, the UK (and Italy) supported Bush for the longest time, especially the UK. The main reason he got re-elected was because the media diverted people's hatred away from Bush and toward Iraq and Afghanistan (specifically Saddam and Bin Laden), both of whom were once allies of the US. Saddam was placed in Iraq by the CIA, and the US fought alongside Bin Laden to drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan in their quest for oil and black marketing. Bush changed the people's opinions of both of them nearly overnight, as you said above. All he needed was a catalyst to produce that hatred. Thus you have 9/11.
Hey Yoko-san. I loved Loose Change too! It was real useful when i needed it the most; I ran out of toiler paper, and the only thing lying around was the DVD cover. Dylan Avery is a genius mate. Charlie Sheen too....
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