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Originally Posted by Goilveig View Post
Well, that's debatable -- there's a huge amount of variety in guns of all kinds. There's large-caliber handguns and small-caliber rifles too. Though for other reasons I believe it was probably a rifle or shotgun.

There's a large variety of shotguns and rifles, and more importantly a large variety in ammo. They'd range anywhere from 130 to 170 dB, I picked 150 in my earlier analysis with shotguns/rifles in mind. High powered ammunition does push the volume up, but switching to subsonic ammunition on a rifle would lower the volume back down a bit. You lose range by going subsonic but it's not like they're likely to be sniping (which would be a whole different ballgame soundwise anyway).

Kinzo's study is on the third and highest floor. I believe all the others are on the second because it's my understanding all the guest rooms (and possibly even Krauss/Natsuhi's room) are on the 2nd.

It's true, though. Even the best silenced weapons are still quite loud -- 115 dB is a high-quality silencer on an average handgun, and that's slightly above the volume of your typical rock concert. Silencers are nothing at all like what video games and movies portray them as. They're actually more useful in that they make it harder to localize where the sound of the gunshot is coming from by messing with its acoustics.

A good silencer is about the same as having one relatively thin wall between you and the gun. So if you're in a cheap motel, and you shot a gun in your room, with a silencer it would sound about as if that same gun were fired in the adjacent room. If the gun were fired in the adjacent room, it would sound about as if it were two rooms away.

You could use a slower-acting poison. There's a veritable cornucopia of poisons out there, with time until death ranging anywhere from instant to as much as two weeks after ingestion. Even being limited to what could be easily obtained, it shouldn't be too hard to come up with something that would allow sufficient time (at least several minutes) for all to drink before any died.

And as mentioned, eliminating anyone who survived would be the other major reason to have the gun ready.
Your science is much more debatable than that. First, remember that this is in 1986 so the rifle and shotgun should not be that complicated.

Anyways, again, when someone screaming, it will be more continuos and more discernible to pick up.

God, it's not about the time of death. It's about they all can't be dead at the same time. One or more could drink 10-15 mins later than the other. And the ones who drink earlier will still die earlier. These would obviously alert those still alive and they would start screaming and run around to warn everybody in the house. To take out these moving objects with lethal rifle and shotgun with huge noise would be retardedly daring on part of the murder.
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