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Your science is much more debatable than that. First, remember that this is in 1986 so the rifle and shotgun should not be that complicated.
There was still about the same variety as today. For a rifle, they'd probably have a .30-30 or a .30-06, both of those existed for about 80-90 years at the time. Both would have a large selection of rounds available. Both of those are extremely popular hunting cartridges as well, meaning it's not that hard for civilians to get a hold of.

One or more could drink 10-15 mins later than the other. And the ones who drink earlier will still die earlier.
That's one of the benefits of tea; they probably won't let it sit for an exceptionally long time without drinking, since it would get cold. If the initial effects of the poison were drowsiness, someone who drank later might pass off the first symptoms of those who drank earlier as normal sleepiness (it's not odd to be sleepy at that hour), and by the time the first people collapsed the later ones are probably already getting drowsy themselves.

These would obviously alert those still alive and they would start screaming and run around to warn everybody in the house. To take out these moving objects with lethal rifle and shotgun with huge noise would be retardedly daring on part of the murder.
It wouldn't be that hard, at short range. The noise isn't important as they're far enough away from the only other people in the house. Plus, if they see someone collapse, their first thought is probably to run to the person and check if they're OK, and that would give the killer an opportunity to shoot them point-blank and unmoving.
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