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Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
The poison theory has a second problem. Eva and her husband were likely with the other four before they turned in, so unless the poison was served after they left, it does not hold up very well. Unless it was just drugged and not poison, then Eva and her husband turning in early means in worked faster on them (or just her and he was being polite) and they slipped out before it had a chance to work on everyone else. The drug lasted only a short time so Eva and her husband would wake up normally while the other four were killed in their sleep.

That is if you think they were drugged. They'd still need to be moved to the shed, plus the two servents need to be accounted for.
Personally I don't think Eva and Hideyoshi were around when the killings started happening. There's no rules stating the deaths had to happen within the first couple of minutes past midnight (it's just making us think like that) unless that is the direct definition of twilight which I'm almost positive it's not.

I do give credit to the arguments against the poisoning theory tho. Everyone eats a sandwich or whatever the meal is and drinks a cup of tea at their own leisurly pace. I would down a cup of tea within a minute (depending on how hot it is) while there are many who would need at least 3 times that to drink something of that portion; it varies from person to person. So the likelihood that the severe poisoning effects are triggered at the same time is actually quite unlikely.

That said even a moderate cases of poisoning is still very harsh and can render someone helpless and in desperate need of medical attention right away. It doesn't have to be a severe case of poisoning.

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