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Originally Posted by Goilveig View Post
I think you overestimate how loud they are. I've frequently heard gunshots through only a single wooden wall when I'd go to my family's cabin and people would practice shooting right outside. And unfortunately I've also heard a gunshot from inside the building I was in; at one of my apartments some idiot two apartments down accidentally fired his rifle while trying to clear a jammed cartridge (thankfully nobody was hurt). They're not overwhelmingly loud; certainly not everyone in the apartment building heard the shot.

The biggest reason everyone in a modern house would hear the shot would be echoing down hallways. The standard cheap interior doors used in most construction are very flimsy, and don't block sound well at all. A mansion would have more solid doors, probably hardwood, and that blocks sound much more effectively. Plus, long corridors and multiple floors make it harder for sound to echo through the halls.

You couldn't be certain (that's why the gun is a backup), but remember the killer would have known the dining habits of the guests too.

The killer was probably in the room with them -- someone they know and trust. And the killer would just need to stand behind them and shoot them in the back of the head.

It wouldn't take any particular skill to shoot someone in the head at less that five feet. Pretty much anyone could manage that. It would only become complex if you had to shoot multiple targets in succession.
Rifle and shotgun aren't that loud, huh? Whatever. Not like you can prove those experiences.

This is not a hotel where the building have to be constructed with materials that absorb noises well. Stop making these assumptions unless you've read this from the Graphic Novel.

Dining habit? Did you forget the part where they meet once a year. A servant could predict Krauss', but that's assuming he would drink the same way as usual in the night when all the shocking events with Beatrice just happened while discussing with his siblings he met once a year about 10 tonnes of gold. And how would the killer predict the others who meet at the island once a year. Retarded assumption to say the least.

rofl So did the meeting in episode 1 show that the siblings trust each other? Do the siblings trust the servants when they all now have a shot on getting the gold? The answer is no. The husband might trust the wife or vice versa. But it doesn't matter since the siblings do not trust each other nor the servants. With Rudolf claiming that he's about to be killed, at least him and Kyrie should be extra careful at that night.

Gosh, did you bother to imagine the scenario at all? You have to shoot multiple targets without giving them time to run away and scream. You also cannot risk missing the shot because this might damage the wall, window, or the furniture, creating louder noise that will awaken the others and not to mention the killer would have to clean, replace and fix these afterward.
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