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Originally Posted by FlashFumo View Post
Seeing as how it technically airs on August 31st...

...NO! Must not get my hopes up!
It's still July...

Originally Posted by Kaioshin Sama View Post
Especially because by DVD time I'm sure it will prove beyond a reasonable doubt the theory that name and an ideal (moe?) tradition sells before anything else to the coveted Otaku demographic. A likely reality that I'm unsure if a lot of people are equipped to rationalize and accept when confronted by it face to face.
Originally Posted by Kaioshin Sama View Post
Well my wild guess is somewhere around 20,000 (which seems to be the common range for the top popular franchise names and brands) give or take a few thousand. So somewhere between 17 and 23 thousand on the first week. If there isn't a new Disney flick or an Evangelion product then by all current trends I'm fairly sure it will top the anime Oricon chart on release and probably for that week.
Here's the double edged problem... DVD4(BLR) will very likely sell much better than DVD5.X(E8). There are going to be those who aren't going to buy #4 because they aren't buying the 5.X series. However, there are those who will still buy #4 and then stop. I've also been seeing a number of posts indicating anger at the $50/1ep release. Thus, the actual effect of any of this won't be known until long after the series is over. (i.e. BLRs release won't tell us anything unless it goes insanely in one direction.)

(This probably belongs in the regular 2009 thread as this has nothing to do with ep 8.)
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