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Originally Posted by Kid Ying View Post
It's a manga? Well, if it's from Okouchi, at least it will be interesting, but i will wait to see if there's something more... Man, i'm hyped.
It's not though, it's from Taniguchi it seems.

Going back in time to show a different era and a different conflict always seemed like the most sane thing to do. Make that the second most sane thing to do by the way, the best option would be to let the franchise be. This show was Lelouch of the Rebellion before it became Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. It's not about Geass. It's not about mechas. It's about Lelouch and his rebellion. Everything revolved around Lelouch and since Lelouch really died in Turn 25 a sequel would truly be worthless. A prequel would also be uninteresting in my opinion cause Lelouch would be too young to make a good protagonist and the original series already covered what happened in the past, even though it didn't go into detail.

To go even further back in time would be a much better option. They do have a character that was credited as a main character but that really played the roll of a supporting character in the original series. This character also happen to have a past that is unknown, and a lifespan that is several hundreds of years. She also happen to be the origin of the original protagonists Geass powers. Like I said, making a spin-off series set in the past is probably the most sane option available. All you need is a set of new characters, a conflict and C.C..

The good thing about this being set in the Edo period is that we might get to see how the Holy Britannian Empire began to grow into what it is/was "today". As most of you know the Code Geass history diverges with Ceasar's invasion 55 B.C. = year 0 atb (Ascension Throne Britannia). After that point though the English monarchy in the Code Geass world was identical to our timeline until the death of Elizabeth I, which happened in 1603. What's so special about this year? Well, the Edo period runs from 1603 to 1868. We might get to see Elizabeth I's illegitimate son Henry IX grab the throne instead of James I, since this supposedly happened in the Code Geass timeline. Also, insert some of the theories about C.C.'s real identity. =)

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